Kids with Superpowers -Christianna Alexander -029

Today Jordan meets a remarkable young entrepreneur named Christianna Alexander. She’s the oldest of three children and faced many learning challenges early on in school. Struggles continued into the 2nd grade and she was forced to repeat the year. But, it didn’t take long for Christi to develop more confidence and better grades when she transferred to a school that focused on helping kids with learning disabilities. She not only did well in school, she caught the business bug early and after lots of trial and error she created “Sweet Christi’s” a successful company focused on making all natural-handmade soaps that resemble delectable treats like donuts and cupcakes. Christianna views her disability as a blessing and her mission in life is to be an ambassador for children everywhere who suffer with learning disabilities. If you have a story worth sharing on this podcast, write to If you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with the Webb Innovation Center for Dyslexia, please visit our website at