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Kids with Superpowers -Rick & Joey Nurmi -013

Kids With Super Powers – Joey and Rick Nurmi – A conversation between Jordan Rich and Joey and his dad Rick Nurmi. Joey is now attending college having successfully overcome the hurdles of Dyslexia. Hear his perspective on how Dyslexia has benefited him in many creative ways. Also, Joey’s dad Rick will share his story of pride and appreciation for what Joey has accomplished. Together this father and son team exemplifies what dedication, focus, hard work and love is all about. And if you’d like to discover ways to support and become involved with us, please visit our website at

Jodi-Tattiana Charles -012

A conversation between Jordan Rich and children’s book author Jodi Tattiana-Charles, who talk about how it wasn’t until Jodi was an adult that she learned she is dyslexic and therefore as a child she just thought she wasn’t that smart.  Her Haitian immigrant parents placed a huge value on education but they also encouraged Jodi and gave her opportunities to learn in unconventional ways.  Watching her parents overcome obstacles and persevere encouraged her to do the same thing. Most recently she wrote a book titled “It’s Just A Rug” where three young friends take a journey to discover, and ultimately celebrate the legacy of their families’ personal histories.   In this podcast Jodi talks about how she intuitively compensated for her dyslexia, and continually challenged and developed her strengths.  To discover ways to support and become involved with us, please visit