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Tom West -006

Tom West- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Tom West, who is dyslexic and the author of Seeing What Others Cannot See (2017), Thinking Like Einstein (2004), and In the Mind’s Eye, which has been translated into Japanese, Chinese and Korean (1991 and 1997). In addition to being an author, Tom has worked with engineering and consulting firms where he co-managed a large international renewable energy research, design and training program in Egypt for USAID, participated in and led trade missions to Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia, via Hong Kong and Singapore, helped to redesign a nationwide computer information management system (SSI) and integrated strategic planning for several federal government agencies. To learn more about Tom go to

Kurt Carberry -005

Kurt Carberry- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Kurt Carberry, President of the North Star Media Group. Kurt is dyslexic, a former student of Dr. Gertrude Webb, and a graduate of the PAL program, which she founded at Curry College in 1969. Kurt credits having dyslexia with his ability to listen carefully and focus on other people’s needs. As his dad owned several radio stations throughout New England some of his first jobs included using his strong verbal skills by working on-air during holidays and weekends, times no one else wanted to work. Those early experiences taught him how to listen, and that he could succeed, and they sparked his passion for radio, and from there his passion for radio sales. To learn more about Kurt go to

Kids with Super Powers -Chessy Singer -004

Kids With Super Powers- Chessy Singer- A conversation between Jordan Rich and Chessy Singer, granddaughter of Gertrude M. Webb. Like many others in her family, Chessy is dyslexic. Listen to her talk about her own perspective on dyslexia, and decide for yourself whether as a child and young adult her worldview was influenced by having had a grandmother who early on recognized and celebrated her strengths. And if you’d like to discover ways to support us and become involved, please visit our website at